McLAREN Tooned 50

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After the success of last year’s series we’re working with McLaren again on another run of Tooned, this time for the F1 brand’s 50th anniversary.

We wrote the scripts, designed the characters, directed and animated the series, which is being shown on Sky Sports before each Grand Prix, as well as working as one long episode.

We also sourced the vocal talent, which includes Alexander Armstrong, the one and only Brian Cox (well, except this Brian Cox, not that one) and a host of F1 royalty, past and present.

Here’s what we’ve seen so far, plus the making of. Plenty more info over on the Framestore website too, and there’s a Storify of us taking the mascots to Goodwood here.

Making of

The Art of Tooned

McLAREN ‘TOONED’ episode catch up – update 05/11/12

Update: The special features-packed DVD is now available to pre-order, along with loads of other Tooned goodies. Take a look over one the McLaren shop.

Hey lucky people.

Our department’s epic ‘Tooned’  series for McLaren is up to Episode Seven 10 now, so we thought we’d put them up here. Lots of you asking about DVD releases and other stuff, and whilst we don’t have the answers right now, make sure you stay tooned (sorry) to the blog.

Episode Seven

Episode Six

Episode Five

Episode Four

Episode Three

Episode Two

Episode One

CCI IDENTS – Create & Play

In our latest project for out-of-home global advertisers Clear Channel International we were asked to create idents for their two sub-brands, ‘Create’ and ‘Play’. Create is responsible for CCI’s bespoke, tailor-made outdoor advertising campaigns; ‘from paper to pixels’, and Play is their premium digital media portfolio. Working directly with the client, we designed and directed these in-house using Maya and After Effects.

As Clear Channel International operates in over 30 countries with each division making their own videos, the idents will be used to add consistency to the brand’s films worldwide. They are part of the CCI website launch that includes the ‘Where Brands Meet People’ film that we originally created for one of the company’s internal conferences.

McLAREN Tooned

Jenson button and Lewis Hamilton in Tooned

Jenson Button get's on the wrong side of some McLaren technology

The Tooned logo on Lewis Hamilton's rear wing

We’ve been spending a lot of time on Tooned, our partnership with McLaren, recently. The three-minute episodes star the voices of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button along with Alexander Armstrong as Professor M, an impatient Q-from-James-Bond style scientist.

We didn’t just create the animation here at Framestore, we did the whole thing. The shorts have all been written, produced and directed in-house, even the mascots you can see wandering around the grand prix were made by our Production Department.

It came all from a chance meeting but it’s grown into a cartoon series that aims to recast the way people view McLaren. As their executive chairman Ron Dennis says “Motor racing can come across as quite cold and scientific, and at McLaren we’ve probably been accused of lacking humour in the past. But a lot of humour exists in F1, so this is about putting smiles on people’s faces.” It’s even ended up on Lewis Hamilton’s (Hungarian Grand Prix-winning) rear wing.

There will be 12 episodes in total (we’re currently at number three), broadcast before each grand prix this season at around 11:45am on Sky Sports F1 in the UK. Just nine more episodes to make before November…easy.

Nestlé Resource – The Fountain of Electrolytenment

We were tasked with designing, building and executing a real-time Fountain in the famous Los Angeles “Grove” shopping centre in LA.

Our client, McCann Erickson New York, wanted us to devise and create an interactive waterfall, that answered the public’s questions, in real-time, in individual water droplets!

We crewed up a plethora of amazing talent, from the Graphical Waterfall inventor, Stephen Pevnick, through to the awesome Hollywood set builders Jet Sets. We even used the legendary Danny Rogers, the art director who created Back to the Future!

And for four days, in LA, this stone and (real!) moss beauty chatted happily to the passing shoppers!

COCA-COLA Superbowl Realtime

Framestore Digital has taken a major role in inspiring top advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy, to use live CG in Coca Cola’s much anticipated 2012 Superbowl campaign.

After discussing the potential of this seminal technology with Wieden+Kennedy, the agency used it propose an incredibly ambitious Superbowl campaign to Coca Cola where the brand’s trademark polar bears are able to react live to what’s going on within the big game.

The technology that underpins this ground-breaking development in CG stems from the gaming sector where game engine rigs allow video game users to control their on-screen avatars in real-time through hand-held controllers. Framestore Digital partnered with Blitz Games Studios to merge this technology into Framestore’s reputation for creating Oscar-worthy computer graphics and visual effects.

Please register your interest here, and be sure to be watching the big game on Sunday night! We’ll be back with a full technical write up & breakdown post event.

VOX – Internet Week Europe

“Juke box meets karaoke meets music visualizer machine”
Check out our latest 3D digital art installation, VOX. Conceptualised, designed and built by our team, VOX was hosted throughout the Internet Week Europe conference (7th- 11th November) at The Hospital Club, London. An experiment in real-time, user-generated, stereoscopic 3D CG content, VOX marries stereoscopic 3D with the cutting-edge gaming technology of Kinect and is believed to mark the first time anyone has successfully united the two technologies.

The installation encourages participants to trigger animation of CG words by moving in front of the Kinect camera. Choose from an eclectic selection of music tracks, ranging from Tinie Tempah to Dexy’s Midnight Runners, then interact with the words to the song by moving your limbs accordingly to fire out the lyrics ‘karaoke style’ in stereoscopic 3D.